Cold Pasteurization Solutions

The introduction of cold pasteurization sets new standards for quality and energy efficiency within the food processing industry.

Improving quality and energy efficiency

As one of the most promising innovative technologies, UV has demonstrated its potential to inactivate foodborne spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms without causing significant loss of sensory and nutritional value of food products.
Through cold pasteurization we are capable of:

  • Decreasing energy consumption by more than 90%
  • Removing heat resistant spores and bacteria
  • Retaining natural taste 
  • Increasing shelf life
  • Decreasing down time
  • Reducing processing requirements

“Mission”   MISSION

Introducing cold pasteurization as a replacement to the current energy intensive pasteurization process. 

“Vision”   VISION

To have an impact on the global carbon footprint, by significantly reducing the current energy consumption within the food processing industry.

Customized Solutions

To find out if our fully scalable UV cold pasteurization solutions suit your processing requirements, please contact us and we will try to customize the optimal solution for your needs.