About Lyras

Lyras is a Danish company located in Northern Jutland, founded in July 2017. The research behind cold pasteurization technology which gave birth to Lyras is the result of years of rigorous research and development. The development of our cold pasteurization technology is built on evidence-based research and extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders- dairy industry, academia, public health experts and engineers.

Our goal is a better future

At Lyras we value the environment and work towards a better world by providing companies with our state of the art technology that has a significantly lower carbon footprint than current technologies.

The Team

Since its founding, the team behind Lyras has been expanding exponentially and now encompasses a wide variety of skills. These include: accounting, sales, marketing, web development, UV-R&D, graphic design, engineering and business development. In total 15 highly qualified and extremely motivated people are working at Lyras.


Lyras has won the following startup competitions in 2017. 

  • National Startup Competition, June 2017. Category winner of Green tech
  • Climate Launchpad National Competition, June, 2017
  • European Venture Contest Finalist, August 2017
  • Aalborg Sustainability Festival, September 2017
  • Green Tech Challenge, October 2017
  • Innovation Competition Agro Business Park, November 2017